Isn’t it interesting how that when we begin to share our memories it is like peeling an onion? The outer layer is brittle and fragile. Everything is on the surface. The memories that come quickly to the surface are mostly good memories. As we peel the onion of our minds old memories return. Some of those memories are hurtful. Some of them bring tears to our eyes. As we peel away the layers, each layer become smaller but our reactions grow more intense. When we reach the core of our memories there are things that are buried away. They are private and we would like for them to be buried there. We dare not share them with anyone, even our most trusted friends. These are the memories that really define who we are but we prefer to keep them hidden away in the deepest recesses of our minds.

As I share with you the memories of my past there will be things that I have buried away. I may share so of the lighter happenings but some things will still be hidden away.

Memories do not come in chronological order. Old friends touch a string and other memories swell to the surface. Memories of both the good and the bad spring to light. We pass through a town where we once lived and long to find the house we lived in. Sometimes we find it but many times our mind cannot find the way and a portion of us is left behind.

I try to see a lesson in each blog I write. This blog is an exception. Perhaps there are lessons here but I don’t see them just now…

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