It is strange how memories creep up on you ever expanding into your consciousness. You are blissfully aware of the little world you are living in and suddenly an event or happening blows your world wide open.

Such a happening startled me last evening. A friend on Facebook posted this comment,”Marshall, do you recall coming to St. Louis as a kid? We went to Forest Park and got rained on! “. I had not thought of St. Louis in many years. That incident must have occurred some 70 years ago. I was surely no more than 9 years old. Sorry to say I didn’t remember getting rained out.

My mind quickly recollected past memories triggered by the term St. Louis. I have a clear image of being at an amusement park. My memory only allows me to see an image of the amusement park. I am unsure of the name of the park. The image is somewhat blurred but I am sure I was there. Perhaps my friend can enlarge that image. Another image is of the first TV I had ever seen. This image is clearer than the first. The screen was either round or oval in shape. What we called as snow filled the picture. If my memory is correct the Howdy Doody show was tuned in. Was that the show? I am not really sure. The only other memory I have is shooting turtles with a single shot riffle and a neighbor complaining about reflected bullets buzzing past his house.

I do remember traveling to St. Louis with an aunt, uncle and cousin who wanted to travel to see some of my families relatives. I do remember that all I wanted for breakfast, lunch and dinner was a hamburger .

Of one thing I am sure. My friends and relatives have a much better memory of my early childhood days than I. A cousin of mine who is now deceased had a much clearer memories of the fun times we spent together, All I have is a single photograph to remind me of those days.

They say that your DNA may contain memory imprints from you ancestors. I don’t know whether or not that is true, but I do know sometimes I make a statement and I think “now I’m sounding just like my father”.

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