Dreams, ambitions, desires…Call them what you want. I call them dreams. Perhaps that is because they often have their beginnings in the middle of the night and awake us from our deepest sleep. It is now 4:31 in the morning. I have been up for about an hour. I was tossing in bed for some time before that. Why was that you may ask. This topic came to mind and I wanted to share it with you.

My first dream or ambition began at an early age. I was probably five or six at the time. I wanted to be a minister. Why was that? I don’t know. That is just the way it was. I carried that dream with me all through my early years and it influenced every area of my being. It became a reality when I was about 20 years old and went to preach for a small congregation in central Texas. My dream had become a reality. Some might call it a dream come true but I did not count it so. I was never really successful because I was never really prepared to give it my everything. My concept of reality at the time was colored by my limited experience. My father who was a farmer who became a carpenter and a minister, had a heart for small churches who could not afford to pay a minister a full salary. He worked as a carpenter to support his preaching. I was influenced by his actions and that became my real world. My thinking was clouded by my perception of reality. My mind told me I needed to prepare to support myself with another occupation so I choose engineering studies to help me prepare for the real world. As a consequence I was not adequately prepared to be a minister and after five or six years I left the ministry. I told myself that it was because of an ailing child and the expense of his care. ( he passed at the age of three) But the reality of things was that I was never fully prepared for the task.

There would be other dreams but they would never be as compelling as the first and I sometimes regret that I did not give it everything that I had. I have had 7 careers in my lifetime. Most lasted about 15 years. It took about 10 years to reach the peak and five years to formulate and build a new dream. My last dream is to build a successful internet marketing business.

The dream of marketing on the internet began some years ago before I retired from my last career. It is only now that I have become fully committed. I have found a simple step by step training program called partners to success. I am committed to following it completely. It is a journey whose path is strewn with many obstacles. Would you walk that path with me. Sign up to follow my blog the form in the right column of this page and we will succeed together…

This page was constructed following advice from Partners to Success.

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