My blog is becoming increasingly a daily diary. Today’s post will deal with the failures and frustrations I have experienced over the past year. I will express my true feelings about where I am at and where I want to go from here with internet marketing. I will hold nothing back. This has become therapeutic for me. I hope you will find a few gems here as well.

This past week I took some time to evaluate where I currently stand. The picture is rather neutral, neither good or bad overall. I am currently creating an income from an affiliate marketing project. My primary marketing method has been through solo ads and while the income has been good I have been concerned that I am unable to create an email list which I have come to believe is essential to continued growth. I tried marketing through social media sites with little success. I have learned since that I simply did not know how to do so. The company that I am currently promoting is Now Lifestyle. It is a solid growing company with an established record, good physical products as well a free exercise program and income program. I can highly recommend this company. I will present a fuller review if this program in a future presentation.