Almost 15 years ago I became interested in China Painting. I was influenced by a local china painting teacher from my church and began attending weekly china painting sessions. My skills were not all that good but I did manage to win best of show at the county fair with a teapot I had painted for my wife.

I enjoyed the friends I had made. Since my skills were not that good I began to buy estates from china painters who could no longer paint or were deceased. I would pack them up and take them to club meetings and conventions. Some of the wares I sold on eBay.

Continually packing and unpacking my goods was not a terribly fun thing to do. So I rented a space and  developed a studio where people with similar interests could congregate and paint their china and take lessons. I invited teachers to come in and provide seminars. I have many of their paintings and when I view them it brings back many wonderful memories.

It was during this time I persuaded a master painter and teacher Jane Huston to film a

series of china painting tutorials on the Cattleya Orchids which I converted into DVD’s. I was able to market a few of these during conventions and shows.

My initial goal was to market these on the internet. After I retired I worked diligently to develop a website to market these. But my understanding of the internet at that time was more than I could conquer. I just couldn’t put it all together.

So after many months I put my dream aside.

The story does not end here. I will complete the dream with the help of Partners to Success.

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