Decision day

Today is the day I finally pick a niche I want to concentrate on for this website. As you may well be aware I have been following the Partners To Success mentoring program.

If you have been following along you have seen my website blossom from nothing to what it is today. This has occurred over the space of two weeks. Since I am retired I have been able to follow the program from lesson one to lesson 10. Each lesson is the equivalent of one weeks effort for a beginner but they are simple and concise studies that can be completed more quickly by someone with internet experience. Each lesson has multiple videos with simple tasks to be performed in sequence. I have followed that sequence exactly with the exception of adding adsense to my blog. On the advise of counsel I have delayed that step until I have at least 10 posts added to my blog. I post daily and this is post number 6.

Today is the day to select the niche I want to concentrate on. This may well be the tipping point between success and failure. There are so many interests out there. I have interests in architecture, engineering, art, gardening, religion, internet marketing and many others. Conflicting interests could cause confusion and information overload. It is here that many people; including myself, are incapacitated and simply give up. The task can become too complicated.

I refuse to get caught in that trap. So how do I proceed? I follow the lead of my mentor. I have been given a list of 101 different suggested niches. I select 10 or more of those topics that I have an interest in. For example topics I would be interested in learning more about. I have reviewed them in Clickbank and JVZoo to evaluate interest and to see offers which I might want to affiliate with. Five of them I have discarded as not having enough people having an interest in. People show sufficient interest in 4 of them but the subject with the most interest seems to encompass all four.

I have chosen “Internet and Businesses Online. I believe this subject is most aligned with my interest and the interest of others.

Now on to the task of defining subtopics…

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