For the past week I have been blogging about things from the past. For those who don’t know I am approaching eighty years old. I have fond memories of listening to the tales from the past as told by my grandparents. My grandmother Anderson was a great story teller. Most of her tales were about her childhood in Arkansas. You know it’s sad. I don’t remember any of those stories in their entirety. Some of them were simply framed around a well, an animal, or some simple happening. I only remember the thrill of listening.

I also remember the tales my mother told like growing up in Odonnel, Texas like holding a lad up to the top of a well so he could see his reflection in the water below. He was Dan Blocker and later became known as Hoss Cartwight. As her memory declined we heard stories that seemed to grow. For example, there was Millie’s cat which slept under her bed to a creature the size of a small mountain lion that roamed the streets of Pinehurst, Idaho. We always paid close attention even though we did not believe it all.

Form the past week or so I have attempted to brush off the cobwebs of my memory and relate a few of my past experiences. Some of them my children may have never heard. Like the times the sand and dust would swirl around a small frame home and shift from one side of the house to the other sometimes leaving the hard red clay exposed. Or perhaps hear the story of how our mother would cover our faces with wet towels when we went to bed so we wouldn’t inhale so much grit.

These stories can be entertaining but they are not the real purpose of this blog. If you have followed my blog this week you have seen it evolve from a simple basic form to what it is today. I am in the 6th week of a study about how to earn a income on the internet. I was familiar with most of the material but had never been able to tie it all together. By allowing myself to follow the step by step mentoring of John Thornhill as presented in his Partners to Success videos I have accomplished more than I have ever accomplished in the last six years.

My purpose in maintaining this blog is to earn additional income. My wife Sue has early stage dementia and although She is doing well now I want to provide the best care for her possible.

In the next stage I will begin to monetize my blog but I promise you no constant bombardment of ads asking you to buy something. My goal is to help you on your journey wherever you may be going. This is something I had struggled to accomplish but the goal has been elusive. With the help of John and Partners to success I will enter the next stage of my development.

Nothing would please me more than have you take this journey with me.

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