My earliest memory was of a chicken shack in a small community in West Texas. The inside was covered in black tar paper like the kind used as an underlayment for roofing. It was placed there to keep out the blowing dust and sand during the early dust bowl days. The inside of the shack was very dark and lighted by two light bulbs strung from the ceiling. The light was powered by batteries at one end of the room. These batteries were charged by a small wind generator. We were not to have public power until 8 years later. This was my first home.

My second memory was coming home from school to a home by father had moved to the farm from Seagraves. No one was home as my mother had told my father to check on me and as he was busy he forgot me. When the sun had begun to go down and darkness filled the house I crawled up on the couch and lit the kerosene lamp and fell asleep. I don’t remember what happened when my parents came home but knowing my mother I am sure it was not pleasant.

I have many pleasant memories of growing up on the farm, but I will not bore you with those now. Perhaps I will save those for a later time for a later time.

My early adult years were spent as a minister, a smelter worker, and a draftsman. Realizing my limited opportunities in the fields I had fallen into I went back to college and earned a degree in Architecture. Leaving college, I a took a job as a construction engineer for a copper mining company. From there I went to the Aerospace industry.

I always said I went from 200 years in the past to 200 years in the future I was hired there to support the MX missile project. Instead I was moved to the space shuttle payload integration contract and then to facilities support. It was here that I first used my architectural training and became the first of my group to be trained in computer graphics. From there I generated a computer program to support planning to support the influx of a large number of new employees. As a result, I was promoted to Chief of Facilities engineering.

It was during this time I became enamored with computers. After a massive layoff in the Aerospace industry I became an employee of the City of Lubbock in Lubbock, Texas. It was here I enhanced my computer skills by providing computer generated drawings of streets and utilities in the city. I retired there and later returned to finally retire there at the age of 70.

During my tenure at the city I became interested in China Painting and developed a studio where people with similar interests could congregate and paint and take lessons. It was during this time I persuaded a master painter and teacher to film a series of china painting tutorials which I converted into DVD’s. I was able to market a few of these during conventions and shows.

My initial goal was to market these on the internet. After I retired I worked diligently to develop a website to market these. But my understanding of the internet at that time was more than I could conquer so I put my dream aside. Fast forward to now. About 6 months ago I renewed my interest in promoting products on the internet. I became an affiliate for a health and wellness company. My earnings have been moderate, but I began to realize I needed more than one source of income and I needed to build a list. I spent considerable money looking piecemeal solution which only added to my confusion. That is why I decide to go with a mentor who would lead me through the process of completing an information product.

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