Today my blog takes a turn in a new direction.

In my previous blogs I have hinted at that direction by applying lessons gleaned from a long and varied career.

Today I will begin the discussion of online marketing and its influence on our everyday lives. Have you ever thought about how your life has been effected by the not so subtle influence of ads interspersed in our communications media?

The earliest may influence may have been come from the voice of the village crier as he called out the latest news in the city streets. Now I must admit that that was even before my time but I could imagine him loudly proclaiming the availability of bread at the local bakery or the meeting times of the local men’s club. Use your imagination and you can see a a young lad wandering the streets and proclaiming the latest news interspersed with calls to visit a local establishment for the specials of the day. Was this the beginning of the first advertisements or ads as we call them today? One can only imagine.

Imagine the vendor whose horse draw wagon traveled from city to city and the vendor provided shows designed to sell his greatest elixir or product. Was it the free show that lined his pockets or the product he sold?

Consider also the early days of the newspaper when the paperboy walked the streets with his bundle of newspapers shouting out the latest headlines. Newspaper owners made a fortune providing the news. Was it the 25 cents you paid the paperboy or the display ads in the paper that made the fortune?

I can remember as a child or family would gather in the car to listen to the Grand Ole Operie. This was the only radio we had. I was too young at the time but I have seen pictures of families gathered around their radio to hear about the end of the war with excitement. We paid little attention to the ads that supported the show but somehow they shaped our lives.

Then there was television. I remember I saw my first television in St. Louis It was a small oval screen six to nine inches in diameter. The show was Howdy Doody and the screen was covered with snow. Now television is an integral part of our lives. Just sitting here I would think we watch four series of ads for each hour long show we watch. Each series of ads contain up to three or more additional ads. Yet we hardly notice. My wife says we are getting old when we don’t understand the ad. All the shows we watch are paid for and sponsored by advertisement.

And now there is the internet. The internet offers unlimited opportunities to indulge in most any activity we wish. I am afraid we are losing our ability to communicate directly anymore. But that is not subject of this blog. The advent of the internet offers tremendous earning opportunities if you learn to use it correctly. Sadly 90% of those wanting to make money on the internet spend thousands of dollars trying to learn how never make any money. The pitch that you can buy this or that money making package and you can become an overnight success offer little hope for success.

The purpose of this blog is to explore the world of online or internet production of income. We will discuss business opportunities, training, and even pitfalls of pursuing income from the internet. We will review the tools and training available to all who acquire an interest in making money on the internet. Please feel free to offer your comments and suggestions below. We would love to hear from you and will respond to every comment.

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