Yesterday was the most frightful day I have ever experienced.

The day started out in a very usual way. My wife and I live in a retirement village. I had gotten up around 6:00 in the morning, taken my medications, checked in on my computer as usual and dressed for the day. Ever other day I would go the workout room and exercise. This was my day off from weight training so I walked the perimeter hallway of the facility. Completing my rounds, I met a lady in the hallway. She looked at me and said “you are walking well today”. I said thank you and completed my tour.

A usual I turned on the TV in the coffee room and watched the business news until friends gathered in the dining room for breakfast. The facility advertises a free continental breakfast but it is a rather full meal. This morning it consisted of eggs, bacon, pancakes, apples, a fruit bowl, a fruit bowl juice and coffee. I have been watching my weight, so I had the eggs and bacon. Finished my breakfast and got up to leave. There was no indication that anything bad was happening. I gathered up the mail and the bacon and toast for my wife’s breakfast and proceeded back to our apartment.

As I rounded the last corner before reaching the apartment, I veered into the wall on the left. I had no control over my body at all. I gained my composure and proceeded to bounce of the wall on the right. There was a railing attached to the wall so I clung to it until I made it nearly to the apartment door. I stumbled across the open space to our door. Any one watching would have surely deducted that I was more than a little inebriated but that was clearly not the case.

I managed to fit the key in the lock and open the door. I stumbled to the table, fell against it and threw my packages down. I made it to the door to the bedroom where my wife came and stabilized me.

The good news was that we visited the doctor’s office and all the tests that we were able to take appeared to be ok. I am awaiting the lab results from the blood that was taken. The consensus was that most likely my electrolytes were out of balance. But it was still a frightful day.

    6 replies to "A Most Frightful Day"

    • Janet Legere

      That would be VERY scary, glad you are ok now!

      • mwb1

        Received the lab reports and they were all fine. I am doing well today but it was scary at the time.

    • June

      Happy you are better!june

      • mwb1

        Thank you. All the labs came back ok and I am doing fine today.

    • Nathan and Melanie

      Glad you are ok!! That’s scary, Marshall. You’re doing great and we are praying for your continued health. Give our love to Sue and of course to you!

      • mwb1

        We are doing well and extremely happy to be where we are at this stage of life.

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